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Glazed inside red nine dragon pattern Embrace Moon Bottle

The product has a straight mouth, a thin neck, an oblate belly, an oval circle, and a neck-shaped shoulder. The whole body is decorated with red glaze, the mouth is decorated with the likes of the cloud head pattern, the neck is painted with bat pattern, the abdomen is painted with the theme of the Kowloon pattern, and the Kowloon is moving through the clouds, turning over the river and the sea, the eyes are smashing, the five claws are divided, and it should be Qianlong Yuyu. The world, the national strength of the prosperity of the weather. Under the abdomen, the sea wave is decorated with a week, and the blue and white book "Da Qing Emperor Qianlong" is a book.

Carmine red pastels Eight Immortals Qingshou Lantern Bottle (pair)
H:38cm C:18.5cm 

This device has a short neck, a shoulder, a belly, and a foot. It looks like a lantern, so it is called a lantern bottle. The main body is the pattern of the Eight Immortals Qingshou. The pattern is dominated by the Eight Immortals. There are also the Western Queen Mother, Shou Xing Weng, and He Erxian. The figures are different in shape, and the Ming and Qing Dynasties are different. The overall painting is perfect.

Blue and white a bunch of lotus grain dish
H:6.4cm C:41.3cm BD:28.5cm

Blue and white lotus pattern plate, skimming, arc wall, shallow ring foot, moderate thickness of tire wall, dignified atmosphere. Panxin lotus, lotus peng, zizi, duckweed and other aquatic plants, tied together by ribbons, it is known as "a lotus". The overall picture is simple and elegant. The blue-and-white dish is rich in color, dignified and melting, with black crystalline spots in the dignified place, penetrating into the fetal bone, and has typical early Ming Dynasty characteristics.

清光绪 粉彩双龙戏珠纹大盘
Qingguangxu Pink Painted Shuanglong Opera Pearl Graphic Plate
H:6cm C:33cm

This product is open, arc abdomen, circle foot, firm fetal bone, white glaze moist. Painted with Pink Double Dragon opera bead pattern, the painter is delicate, the layout is rigorous, Jiaolong is red and green, surrounded by fire and colorful auspicious clouds, the image is very lively. The overall picture is gorgeous and rich, the painting is fine, the dragon pattern is powerful, and the color is gorgeous and rich. The background of "Guangxu Annual System of the Qing Dynasty" is six characters and two lines of regular scripts.

Enamel opening the light Occidental figure ear bottle

The shape of this bottle is small and exquisite, and the matching of various materials is harmonious. The Chinese classical characters are depicted by western realistic brushwork, which has a very high artistic level. This piece of ear bottle is 15.6 cm high, with a unique shape, small and exquisite, and beautiful. This painting method of the enamel ear bottle is typical of the Beijing painting style, especially the delicate and delicate facial paintings are soft and delicate, and the light and darkness is very good. It is very clear with the style of the Qing Dynasty Lang Shining painting.

Baidi Green Cloud Dragon Bowl

White glaze green color cloud dragon bowl, this bowl straight mouth, arc belly, next to the high ring foot, the shape is regular, the tire is delicate and hard. White glaze bottom color is clean and moist. Under the magnifying glass, bubbles are big and small. The bowl center is round and bright with green dragon pattern painted inside. The dragon's body is vigorous and vigorous with rising shape. The side of the bowl is surrounded by green flame. The outside wall of the bowl is decorated with green cloud dragon pattern. Inside the sole of the foot of the book blue and white double circle "Yongzheng year system of the Qing Dynasty" regular script money.

Colorful dragon and phoenix bowl (pair)
H:6.2cm C:17.5cm 

The mouth of the bowl is along a slight squat, deep abdomen, circled feet, and the heart of the bowl is painted with dragons and fireballs. The dragon's five-pronged stretches, the dragon's mouth is open, the eyes are round and round, and the gods are arrogant and powerful. This bowl has a tight fetal texture, delicate enamel, colorful and gorgeous colors, and strong color impact.

宋代 吉州窑木叶盏一对
A couple of Jizhou kiln leaves in the Song Dynasty
H:4.5cm C:11.1cm BD:5cm

This cup is covered with black glaze inside and outside. The bottom of the bowl is marked with wooden leaves. The ribs of the leaves are distinct. The petioles and main tendons are slightly Milky protruding. The leaves are yellow, the feet are circled and the bottom is exposed. The fetus is dark beige yellow, which is the typical feature of Jizhou kiln tea cup. The black glaze is full of fine cracks, and the edge of the mouth is copper-colored against the beige-yellow and white fetal ground because of the thinner glaze hanging. The thin fetal bone, moderate glaze and clear foliage make the device both good and good. The two-on-one photographs are of great collection value.

Long-necked gourd bottle added to Huangdi Yangcai

The shape and decoration of this long-necked gourd bottle in Huangdi are classic styles of Jingdezhen imperial pottery in the Qianlong period. Its design is elegant and noble, and it is the most stylish imperial pottery masterpiece of this kind. Many kinds of color overlap and succession, meticulous and compact composition, is rare. Near the foot, a week on the Yanglian petal ribbon, talk about white covered with pink peach red, color from light to deep, the level of change is very dynamic. It is a remarkable feature of the excellent pastel paintings between Yonggan Dynasty and Yonggan Dynasty, but it is rarely used as an example of brocade grain rolling.

Peacock green ground pastel eight auspicious pattern wishful ear bottle

This device highlights the characteristics of typical colors in terms of styling, ornamentation and pigment application, as well as the perfect combination of Western elements and traditional Chinese themes. The color of the color depicts the tangled lotus flower pattern, and the color decoration is luxurious. The whole machine is based on turquoise green. The bottle body is decorated with various kinds of flowers, gold thread strokes, bright color, clear flowers, even and elegant, more elegant and unique.

Lemon yellow glazed chrysanthemum disc
D:18.5cm H:4cm 

The disc is chrysanthemum petal-shaped, shallow arc wall, circle foot, lemon yellow glaze, fine tire repair, solid and delicate body, lemon yellow glaze is also applied inside the foot, with a white circle of the blue and white book "Yongzheng Year System of the Qing Dynasty" regular script. This dish is made of autumn chrysanthemum, which has a meaningful shape. The wall and circle feet fluctuate with each other. The glaze is bright and uniform, just like an autumn chrysanthemum, which is beautiful and free from vulgarity.

Pastel concert vase

Bottle mouth, middle neck symmetrical two stings ear, drum belly, ring foot. The outer wall is decorated with pink flower patterns, while the abdominal theme is decorated with character stories. The picture is harmonious and rich in content, which makes the vase full of beauty and attraction. Football Department red "Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty" six-character single line funds.

Blue-and-white twisted flower pattern plate

青花缠枝花卉纹大盘  "此件盘口外撇,折沿,圈足,胎体较大。通体以青花描绘,器身主题纹饰为描绘缠枝花纹,花瓣饱满,枝蔓舒卷烂漫,密而不乱。此器宏硕端庄,胎质细腻洁白,釉汁莹润亮青。纹饰清新流畅,青花发色浓艳,宏硕端庄。
This piece of disc mouth outside skim, fold along, circle foot, tire body is larger. The whole body is depicted with blue and white flowers, and the body motif is depicted with twig patterns. The petals are full, the branches and tendrils are undulating, dense but not messy. This device is grand and dignified, delicate and white fetus, glaze juice ying run bright green. Decorative fresh and smooth, blue and white hair color, macro dignified."

Colorful dragon vase

The vessel is straight-mouthed, tall and heavy, and the whole body of the bottle is decorated with five colors. The decoration is divided into five layers. The shoulder is painted with cloud dragon pattern. The main decoration is sea water dragon and Phoenix grabbing Pearl pattern. The color is elegant and fresh, the composition is clear and the layers are distinct. At the bottom is the blue and white double circle "Daming Wanli system" section. The overall shape of the device is beautiful, the decoration is fine, and the picture level is clear. This collection is indeed a fine work of Ming Wanli. It is very precious and worth collecting!

Daming wanli red and green color dragon phoenix grain melon ribbed pot
H:12.8cm C:7.8cm BD:9.8cm

Daming Wanli red and green color dragon and Phoenix grain cucumber prism jar, the body of this product is depicted in red and green color, the painting is fine, the main body decoration is dragon and Phoenix pattern. This article is exquisitely made, with a firm white body, smooth and delicate enamel, neat decorative patterns, smooth brush lines, vivid and vivid, bright red and green, and full shape.

Daming wanli five color dragon pattern square pot
H:10.7cm C:7.2cm BD:8.1cm

Daming Wanli colorful dragon pattern square pot, the body is square, painted with five claws outside the dragon, between the lotus pattern decoration, exquisite and vivid brushwork, it appears deft and natural, the bottom blue and white double circle inside the book "Daming Wanli system" six-character regular script. This product is exquisite in texture, with white glaze all over the body and bright and lustrous glaze. Five colors were burned twice in the kiln by the combination of blue and white under the glaze and color painting on the glaze. In the Ming Dynasty, the five colors of Wanli were more famous, with rich colors and varied decorations.

Blue and white should be dragon plum bottle

Small mouth short neck, abdomen curved abdomen, ankle restraint, circle foot micro-small, the bottom of the device has "Da Qing Qianlong year system" three lines of six-word blue and white Seal character. The five shapes of the abdomen of the bottle are pulsing between the dragons and the clouds. The mutual contrast of the dragons makes the theme more vivid. Ying Long looked down at Zhang mouth, the dragon's head was righteous, the line was clearly defined, showing the king's domineering. Meiliang is one of the most elegant and important styles in the porcelain style of the past. Since the Song and Yuan Dynasties, the quality of the quality has been higher than that of the peers. The plum bottle is a classic furnishings of the Qianlong Dynasty. It is diverse in variety and rich in decoration, and it is small in quantity and fine in quality. Among them, blue and white are mostly ancient works, and they are often seen in two categories. One is blue and white, and the flower and fruit are scattered. One is the dragon pattern, and the latter is far less than the former, which is extremely rare.

Sky blue pastel flower "Wanfu" pattern elephant ear bottle

The combination of sky blue and pale pink, first seen in the copper tire painting device, was introduced by the missionary in China during the Kangxi years. This piece is like a bottle of traditional style, decorated with flowers such as scented lotus, bats and bats, with the meaning of Wanfu, accompanied by the wishful cloud head pattern, Xiang Zhao is overflowing, but the shape is deliberately innovative, and overflowing with Western tones, The sky blue is cleverly matched with pink and pastel colors. The edge of the mouth, the shoulders, the gold ornaments, and the commonality of the bronze paintings of the Beijing-style paintings along the edge of the gold, have the same purpose.

Dou cai Dragon pattern longevity word double-ear bottle (a pair)

Dou cai Dragon pattern longevity word double-ear bottle (a pair), height 48 cm, bottle straight mouth, long neck, round drum type belly, circle foot outer squat, long neck is like ear, the whole big bottle shape is magnificent. This device has both the pastel color and the richness and femininity of the color, highlighting the diversified features of the porcelain during the Qianlong period. The Qianlong Imperial Kiln Fighter can be regarded as the reflection of the emperor's own artistic position. The Qianlong porcelain in the Qianlong period changed the style of the elegant and elegant period of the Yongzheng period, and the tendency to pursue the fine craftsmanship and the gorgeous decoration.

Pastel Fushou Flower Dragon Pattern Moon Bottle
C:9.5cm  H:36.9cm 

The shape of the moon-shaped bottle originated from the Song and Yuan Dynasties. The shape of the bottle was special. The old file of the Qing Palace called the bottle shape "Baoyue Bottle", "Holding Moon Bottle" or "Ma Rong Bottle". The product is straight, neck-necked, and the neck and shoulders are decorated with symmetrical gold-plated dragon ears, flat round belly, convex center on both sides of the abdomen, oval circle foot. The whole body is decorated with pink and green patterns, the neck is peony pattern, the outer part of the bottle is decorated with a ring-shaped double dragon, and the center round convex part is painted with peach and bat pattern, which takes the meaning of “good luck” and “Fushou double perfect”. Auspicious gas.

Dehua Kiln Thousand-Handed Avalokitesvara

明 青花缠枝花卉纹大盘 
Ming Blue and white tangled flower pattern big plate

The mouth of the plate is slightly smashed, the arc wall, the circle foot, the shape of the macro is dignified, the tire quality is fine, and the glaze is crystal and moist. The mouth is painted along the blue-green wave pattern, and the waves are turbulent and magnificent. The plate is decorated with entangled floral patterns, the texture is fresh and smooth, and the blue-and-white flowers are rich and colorful, making it a blue-and-white ware for the hard time.

Blue and white tangled flower pattern Plum bottle
H:28cm C:5.8cm BD:10.2cm 

The bottle has a small lip, a short neck, a shoulder, and a wide circle. The whole body is decorated with blue and white flowers, and the bottle is painted with entangled branches and leaves, and the ornamentation is smooth and natural. Wrapped leaves and leaves are rare, and they are uniquely wrapped around the plaque. A small amount is seen on the bottle, or blue or blush. This plum bottle is white, with fine workmanship, blue and white paintings, and full-bodied, full-bodied and solemn.

Carmine color flower eight treasure grain honour
 C:17.8cm H:62cm BD:27cm 

This piece of carmine red color flower eight treasures statue, open mouth, short neck, slip shoulder, round belly, ankle restraint, circle foot. The tire is fine and white, and the glaze is even. The whole body is applied to the red glaze. The perfect craftsmanship, combined with the elegant and graceful style of the device. All of them highlight the beauty of the Qianlong Imperial Kiln, making this instrument one of the most coveted treasures in the porcelain of the Qianlong Emperor. In the early days of Qianlong, the court smashed and continued to make magnetic tire paintings (Enamel) in the period of Yongzheng. Jingdezhen Royal Kiln Factory also imitated Western paintings and burned magnetic tires. The successful firing of Jingdezhen Yangcai porcelain made the Western techniques and western themes perfectly reflected in the imperial kiln porcelain, thus creating a glorious chapter full of Western flavor in the history of Chinese ceramics.

Blue ground gold powder group fairy Heshou big bottle
 C:28.9cm H:78cm BD:26.3cm 

The lottery is made of blush, and the whole body is decorated with graceful and graceful. The abdomen is painted with a group of celestial celestial figures. The rest are made of blue for the glaze. The glaze is deep and solemn, and the paintings are painted and swayed. The ornamentation, the golden color is dazzling, and it is more beautiful and gorgeous under the backdrop of the sacrifice of the blue. The whole work of the whole machine is extraordinary, and it shows the unparalleled beauty and honor of Qianlong Color Porcelain.

Pastel phoenix wear lotus pattern double ear Zun
C:14.5cm H:32.5cm BD:12.7 cm

The pastel phoenix wears the lotus pattern and the ears are 32cm high. This piece of pastel phoenix wears the lotus pattern and moulds the butterfly ear, which is extremely rare. The butterfly is widely loved, meaning auspicious, symbolizing the celebration of happiness, often seen in porcelain. This piece of pastel double phoenix wears a lotus pattern, molded butterfly ear, extremely rare. The butterfly is widely loved, meaning auspicious, symbolizing the celebration of happiness, often seen in porcelain. However, the butterfly ear of the ring is more common in the Qianlong period of the Qianlong period, but the porcelain case is rare.